Final Fantasy 15 Wait Mode

Final Fantasy 15: What is Wait Mode and When to Use It

Final Fantasy 15 came out earlier this week to stellar reviews. Nearly ten years in development, this game wanted to redefine the classic Final Fantasy formula.

And one of the biggest changes the game brings to the franchise is the new combat system. And s\7y goodbye to turn-based battles because Final Fantasy XVs battle system takes place in real time.

But maybe that’s not your thing. Maybe you’re part of the old guard that misses the classic way that Final Fantasy games played. Well, there’s no way to make the combat in XV turn based, but there is the next best thing — Wait Mode.

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Final Fantasy 15 Wait Mode: For the More Tactical Mind

So what exactly does Wait Mode do?

Well essentially, it changes how time works in battle. There’s no difference if you’re moving around or attacking.

But once you’re standing still, that’s when Wait Mode activates.

While activated the battle essentially pauses. During this mode, the player is able to move the camera around as well as switch targets. This gives the player more control over the battlefield.

But don’t take too long, Wait Mode doesn’t last forever. While the battle is paused, a bar on the bottom of the screen dictates how much time you have left.

To activate Wait Mode you just need to go to Combat from the Options menu. When you’re there, simply toggle the mode from Active to Wait.

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When to Use It?

Wait Mode is best used when you want to take on fights in a more tactical manner. Because you can pinpoint specific targets easily in this mode, it’s best used when trying to find the priority foe against a swarm of enemies.

Likewise, it’s also best used to target area of effect spells. Both to get the most damage out of each use as well as to avoid hurting your allies.

Essentially Wait Mode makes fights a bit easier than Active because it gives you a more strategic edge. You can better plan out your attack and rather than be pressured to make rapid decisions on the fly.

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