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Final Fantasy 15 PC Version Release Date: When is it Arriving

The Final Fantasy 15 PC Version is eagerly awaited by fans of the game worldwide. There are several details available on Final Fantasy 15. However, the Xbox One and PS4 versions will release first as per reports.

The Final Fantasy 15 PC version will be a pioneering game for enthusiasts. Yibada reports that there will be brand new magic crafting in store along with new driving dynamics. The PC version is expected to be launched after the versions for the consoles are officially launched.

There are rumors of the Final Fantasy 15 PC version being launched only a few weeks after the console launches. The latter is expected within a couple of days as per latest rumors. Square Enix has already shown a special game play video for Final Fantasy 15 at the PAX 2016 event.

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Ignis, Noctis, Gladiolus and Prompto will drive to the Balouve Mines in the game. Players will have to plunge into a risky sidequest dungeon as well. There are Goblins manning the mines and they will steal potions from players as well.

Prolonged low health of the players may lead to the goblins using stolen potions to heal themselves swiftly. The magic crafting system will help players customize items and spells for usage by the entire gang.

What Else to Expect From Final Fantasy 15 PC Version?

There will be blizzard, thunder and fire among other elemental spells for the main powerful spell. These will create Blizzara, Thundra and Fira and gamers may add other elixirs and potions too.

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The driving system will mean driving the Regalia more flexibly and there will be Chocobo hoop racing as well. There will be Noctis and the gang’s infiltration of the Niflheim base. There will also be several mechanical villains to be faced.

Square Enix will come out with the PC version once the company is done with the release and promotions of the console versions.

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