Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy 15: Comprehensive List of Trophies, Achievements

Final Fantasy 15 will soon be released and gamers are waiting with bated breath! As per reports, the game will be releasing within 48 hours at the most. There are several early copies that have been leaked previously.

Several people have already been experiencing Final Fantasy 15 in the last few weeks. As a result, the full list of achievements and trophies are available. Game Zone reports that Final Fantasy 15 will be releasing for both PS4 and Xbox One simultaneously.

The World Wanderer will be a major achievement which means someone who has garnered all trophies. Completing the prologue will lead to the Insomnia’s Waking Nightmare achievement. Completing chapter 1 will also get you the Departure achievement.

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Completing the second chapter will give you the No Turning Back milestone. The Open World will be the next title achieved after completing Chapter 3. Completing chapters 4 and 5 will give you the Living Legend and Dark Clouds titles.

More Exciting Titles & Achievements 

Completing chapter 6 will give you A Way Forward as a title while this stands at Party of Three for finishing chapter 7. The completion of Chapter 8 will give you the Seaworthy title as well. You will also get the Callings title upon completing Chapter 9.

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Completing chapter 10 will give you the Heart of a King title. In the Dark and End of Days are the titles for completing chapters 11 and 12. Completing chapters 13 and 14 will also give you the Redemption and Homecoming titles. If you defeat Ifrit with normal difficulty levels, you will get the Chosen King title.

Some other titles include Learner’s Permit, Regalia Pilot, Faithful Heir and New Power. Angling Rookie and Self Mastered are two other major titles available for gamers. Survival Expert, Cooking Rookie and Photo Rookie are other titles that you can also expect.

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