Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors
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Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Rumors: Mario Chalmers May Team up with LeBron James

The latest Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors hint at Mario Chalmers reuniting with LeBron James. Chalmers previously played with James at the Miami Heat. He is reportedly on the Cleveland Cavs’ radar.

Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors point at the club making a fresh bid for Chalmers. Chalmers has been released by the Memphis Grizzlies last season. He is currently recovering from his Achilles injury according to iSports Times.

Inquisitr has reported that there are strong possibilities of Chalmers joining LeBron James in Cleveland. The Cleveland Cavs will reportedly look to get a point guard initially. However, Chalmers will be next on their radar.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors updates point at a deal being done within the next month. In case a point guard deal does not go through, Chalmers will be the next choice. However, he has to be perfectly healthy and available in January.

However, he will only be signed in case he approves the league minimum or anything near it. Chalmers will be targeting a serious title contender to play for. He has already stated that he can give a lot to any team.

Will Chalmers Prove Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Rumors True? 

He has already played for the Miami Heat with LeBron James in the NBA Finals. His experience will also stand him in good stead. He has also set early December as a target for returning to the court. He has also recovered completely from his injury sustained in March.

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Chalmers also stated that he “can pretty much do everything” at the moment. He also talked of being “back to sprinting, running and jumping”. The Memphis Grizzlies may also look to resign Chalmers by freeing up a roster position.

The Grizzlies may well entice Chalmers on grounds of familiarity and a guaranteed position. Chalmers won two NBA championships with James in 2012 and 2013. This could also serve as inspiration for moving to the Cleveland Cavaliers should they come up with a deal.

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