Chapecoense Plane Crash

Chapecoense Plane Crash: What Caused Flight AMI2933 to Crash

Did lack of fuel cause the Chapecoense Plane Crash? Aviation authorities say the probe centers on electrical failure as the possible reason.

But a female flight attended who survived the crash revealed the plane had run out of fuel, an AP report said.

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Alfredo Bocanegra, head of Colombia’s civil aviation agency, says they are looking at  electrical failure as the possible cause. But they do not rule out the lack of fuel as having caused the Chapecoense plane crash, further added by Bocanegra. The testimony of the female flight attendant will have to be looked into.

The plane was about five minutes from landing at the Jose Maria Cordova airport just outside Medellin in Colombia when it plunged down. LaMia Flight 2923 plummeted into the mountains 30 kilometers from the Medellin airport.

LaMia Plane Did Not Refuel

The Flight 2923 carried 77 passengers and crew. The whole Chapecoense soccer team and 21 journalists were among the passengers. Only six survived – three Chapecoense players, two crew members and one journalist.

The Brazilian football team was flying to Colombia to face Atletico Nacional in the SudaAmericano (South American Cup) finals Wednesday.

Sources said the 2,972-kilometer flight path from Santa Cruz, Bolivia to Medellin is close to the limit of the aircraft’s fuel capacity.

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The plane has to stop in Bogota if the plane ran low on fuel but it didn’t. It would have been almost empty when it reached Medellin, the Mirror pointed out.

When Flight 2933 drew near the airport, another plane asked for priority landing due to a problem onboard.  The air traffic control gave Viva Colombia Flight FC8170 permission to land first at around 9:30 p.m. Monday.


Severe Injuries For Chapecoense Plane Crash Surviors

The air traffic control then instructed Flight 2933 to circle at 21,000 feet with other planes. It was 3rd or 4th in line for landing.

Minutes later, pilot Miguel Alejandro Quiroga Murakami told control he had to land immediately, saying  the plane had run out of fuel. His request was approved.  However, the plane had lost power. Flight 2933 then went down in Cerro Gordo, Colombia.

The aircraft’s two flight recorders have been recovered and could help determine the real cause.

Rescuers brought six survivors to different hospitals. All six suffered severe trauma injuries, AP said.

The survivor in the most serious condition, Alan Ruschel, had a spinal fracture. His teammate defender Helio Zampier  sustained skull and chest injuries. But a doctor says Zampier is in stable condition.

Another player, Jakson Follmann had multiple injuries. Journalist Rafael Valmorbida underwent surgery for chest injuries. Bolivian crew members Ximena Suarez and Erwin Tumiri are reported to be in stable condition also.

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