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Brazilian Soccer Team Chapecoense Plane Crash: Team’s Last Moments and List of Survivors

The Brazilian soccer team from Chapecoense had a tragic plane crash on Monday night. The plane crashed in Colombia leaving almost all passengers dead. Only 6 survivors were carried out from the wreckage of the plane.

Chapecoense Plane Crash Kills Brazilian Soccer Team Players

The entire football world is mourning the deaths of the Chapecoense Brazilian soccer team. The crash killed 75 people in all. The plane started out at 6.18 PM from Bolivia as per reports. There were electrical issues reported around 10 PM.

The plane crashed sometime later in the hilly Antioquian area which is near the Jose Maria Cordova International Airport in Colombia. This crash killed almost all members of the Chapecoense Brazilian soccer team. The team was traveling for the Copa Sudamerica finals versus Atletico Nacional on Wednesday.

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The site of the crash is very remote and cannot be accessed by any other means than ground transportation. The inclement weather conditions are also making things difficult for rescue teams. Alan Luciano Ruschel and Jackson Ragnar Follman have survived the crash along with Nato. Another crew member Ximena Suarez has also survived.

Ruschel’s wife Amanda has shared his picture shared on Instagram from the plane itself. She talked of how “Alan is in the hospital, stable”. She also prayed for everyone who was not rescued yet and offered support to all relatives.

The team has officially stated that it is still awaiting the announcement from Colombian authorities. Three Chapecoense team players who did not board the flight to Colombia have been snapped sitting in shock in the changing room.

A Fairytale Story Cut Short

The club had recently started getting recognition and played in the Brazilian top division only for the last two years. They reached the Copa Sudamericana final which was a major feat. Expert Keir Radnedge likened the club’s rise to a “Cinderella football story”.

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Three days of national mourning have been announced by Brazilian President Michel Temer. Heavy also reports that Neto was pulled from the plane wreckage right after authorities thought all survivors had already been found.

Marcus Danilo was taken to the hospital and died there after one tragic phone call to his wife. The reason behind the plane crash is still under investigation. There are reports that the pilot was circling around for burning fuel prior to crash landing the aircraft. This happened after the reported electrical malfunction.

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