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Barron Trump Autism: Psychological Assessment  About The First Son’s Condition

Barron Trump autism rumors have been spreading online after a Youtube video has been uploading pointing out that the first son is autistic.

Social media and celebrities have further fueled  Barron Trump autism claims. Because of this, first lady and the mother of the 10-year old has threatened to pursue legal actions.

The Youtube user who uploaded the video has apologized and taken deleted his post. This came after a letter from Melania Trump’s attorney asking him for an apology. The Youtuber told TMZ that he did not intend the video to be a cause of bullying.

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Fueling the fire was a post made by Rosie O’Donell. The celebrity said that the first son’s autism will definitely shed more light to autism awareness.

“Barron Trump Autistic? if so – what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the AUTISM epidemic.”

While her post meant no harm to Barron Trump,  it still got more people to talk about the rumor.

Is Barron Trump Autism Claims True?

The video of president Donald Trump’s son showcased certain actions that the young boy was doing. It was taken during the Republican National Convention in July.

Actions like the way he clapped his hands, took a seat, stood up and walked were highlighted.

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And while autism can be visible in such gestures, the 10-year old’s case was different that time. He was subjected to many forms of stress during that period of the campaign. In addition, Barron Trump was awake a very late hour considering he is a child.

Furthermore, the actions are insufficient to claim that he indeed has autism. Hence, concluding that Barron Trump autism claims are real is at best half-baked and unreliable.

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