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WWE 2K17 DLC New Moves Pack With Neckbreaker, Facebuster, Tag Team Moves, More Leaked

There has been immense speculation centering on WWE 2K17 DLC. However, fans have been in for a treat with 2K Games accidently releasing a WWE2K17 DLC pack. This slip before the official release date has been a major talking point amongst gamers.

The WWE2K17 DLC pack offers several New Moves. The Bitbag reports that several fans were able to download this DLC pack prior to 2K Games pulling it off the stands. These fans have now leaked all the moves to the world!

This is the second such accident that has taken place at the company. The earlier Legends Pack DLC was similarly leaked. Now that the New Moves Pack has been withheld again, a December release seems imminent.

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What Does The WWE 2k17 DLC New Moves Pack  Contain?

There are several new moves that are expected to be part of this DLC pack. Some of these moves are listed below:

  • Johnny Gorgano- Diced Bread
  • Ken Shamrock/Kurt Angle- Ankle Lock 2 & 3
  • Zack Ryder- Diving Elbro Drop
  • Kenny Omega- Fire Ball Punch/Electric Chair Driver
  • James Storm- Eight Second Ride
  • Michael Elgin- Deadlift Falcon Arrow
  • Noam Dar- Euro Uppercut Combo
  • TJ Perkins- Headstand Headscissor/Two Amigos/TJP Clutch
  • Randy Orton/DDP- Pop Up Cutter
  • Wrist Clutch Level Pull

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Here are some of the moves for tag teams:

  • Super Kick/Knee Smash Combo
  • Wishbone
  • Thunder Valley
  • Fist Drop/Shooting Star Press Combo
  • Brainbuster/Roundhose Kick

There are several exciting new moves to look forward to. Gamers will enjoy deploying these new moves on their opponents. No official release date has been announced as of yet. The DLC pack is expected to release in December. WWE2K17 is currently available for both Xbox One and PS4.

The presently available DLC packs include the Goldberg Pack, Legends Pack and NXT Pack. The New Moves pack is expected to fire up demand for the game particularly in this holiday season.

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