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World War 3 Update: Russia Warns Nuclear Attack As UK Troops Arrives on Russian Border

Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons against NATO members, says a World War 3 update. UK’s Theresa May vows to send more troops to Poland.

Senator Franz Klintsevich blasted NATO’s efforts to bring in more countries to the alliance. The senator says Russia’s response will be “harsh,” reports SOTT.

“We will aim our weapons, including the nuclear ones,” at NATO sites that threaten Russia, Klintsevich said.  Klintsevich is a member of Russia’s Upper House defense and security committee.

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The senator explains that Russia  will use nuclear weapons, whether land-, sea- or air-based systems.

UK Sending Additional Troops To Poland

UK Prime Minister Theresa May commits additional troops and armored vehicles for Poland, BBC reports.

May made the announcement after the first-ever UK-Polish summit. May and Poland Prime Minister Beata Szydlo met to discuss various concerns.

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UK will deploy the additional troops and equipment in Orzysz, north-east Poland. The area is near the border with Kaliningrad, Russia’s enclave.

“Our ties with Poland are rooted deeply in our shared history,” May said.

During the World War Two, Polish pilots have joined the fight for freedom and democracy in Europe, she said. She also recognized the “valuable contribution” made by Poles who are presently based in the UK.

Putin Spokesman Warns Against Hasty Conclusions

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, warned against jumping to “hasty conclusions.”

“Russian lawmakers have the right for own opinion,” Peskov said.  The senator just felt over the NATO military buildup near the Russian borders.

“This makes their position understandable,” he adds.

However, the Russian Constitution does not allow lawmakers to determine foreign policy, he points out. This authority is solely the prerogative of the Russian president.

According to World War 3 update, the situation along the Baltic states remains volatile as both Russia and NATO are increasing troops and military equipment.

NATO plans to place on alert tens of thousands of troops. This move will ensure NATO could respond to any Russian attack.

On the other hand, Russia has placed nuclear-capable missiles in Kaliningrad. Two Russian warships armed with cruise missiles are also stationed at the Baltic Sea.

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