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The Walking Dead Season 7: What Does Secret Code PPP Mean

After a few months of absence, Tara finally makes her reappearance on The Walking Dead season 7 episode 5. The latest episode shows her holding a key card with ‘PPP’ written on it.

Now fans are wondering, what does the key card with the ‘PPP’ means? To recap, towards the end of season 6, Tara and Heath went out for their two-week supply run. The two found a military base and went in to check the place for supplies.

Unfortunately, both were immediately surrounded by walkers and fans all thought that the two were already dead. But the latest episode shows what happened to them on the base.

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As they were surrounded by walkers, Heath got up on one of the military vehicles and called out to the walkers so Tara can get away. Tara, on the other hand, was accidentally pushed to the edge of the bridge by one of the walkers and fell.

The river water washes her away from the base and near the Oceanside where Cyndie and Rachel found her. Tara went back to the military base but Heath is nowhere to be seen.

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Tara was scared that Heath might not have made it. But she saw fresh tire tracks on the other side of the base. That is when she sees the key card partly hidden in the mud. When she saw it, she then smiled and put the key card in her pocket.

The Walking Dead Season 7: ‘PPP’ Theories

Die-hard fans of the show came up with different theories. One theory suggests that Heath is trying to tell Tara of his whereabouts. Because in computer terms, PPP stands for ‘point-to-point protocol.’ The PPP looks for the link between two points. Thus, fans think that Heath is trying to lead Tara to where he is.

Another theory says that the key card is a clue left by Heath so Tara will know that he was captured by the Saviors. The Saviors are known to label their prisoners and ‘PPP’ might be the initials given to Heath.

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