Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 3

Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 3 Spoilers: Claudia May Have Never Died

Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 3 news has already excited fans beyond measure! There is talk of Claudia having never died in reality. There are also rumors of Claudia being more evil than originally thought.

Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 3 spoilers also reveal that Stiles has been abducted by the Ghost Hunters. In fact, they have also wiped off all traces of his existence from the planet. His friends have also forgotten him after this development.

IB Times reports that Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 3 will be the starting point for many episodes based on Stiles. They rest of the pack will attempt to find out how Stiles has been abducted and will finally want to save him.

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However, Claudia, Stiles’ mother, will make a reappearance. This will be one of the most shocking moments for viewers since was presumed dead earlier. Several theories have now sprouted on whether Claudia is actually evil.

Several fans have expressed their belief in something being terribly wrong about Claudia. She may be a mythological character who is evil. Claudia has been alive all along according to many other fans. Maybe, something led Claudia to feel guilty in relation to Stiles which also made her stay away.

Other Important Updates 

Also, other fans believe that Claudia returns to fill up the void in Stiles’ father’s life. Lydia will remember Stiles’ name eventually as well. However, the Wild Hunt and Ghost Riders will be successful in removing all clues pointing to Stiles.

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The pack will seek out more clues in the third episode. They may also approach the Sheriff for help. Scott and Lydia will be the ones taking the initiative for this new mission to rescue Stiles. The question remains as to whether Claudia will be as helpful as them.

Liam will be told to keep a character called Gwen safe and sound. Liam will be on a mission to keep everyone safe. There will be a party thrown only to keep a friend secure from the Ghost Riders’ clutches.

The episode airs at 9 pm on Tuesday EST on MTV.

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