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Rick And Morty Season 3 Air Date Reportedly Slotted in March 2017

Rick and Morty Season 3 is keeping several fans on their toes in recent times. The popular Adult Swim animated sci-fi show is set to get a third season premiere sometime soon. The exact date still remains a mystery till now.

The Rick and Morty Season 3 release date has not been officially announced yet. The show’s makers have earlier committed towards a year end release. The Bitbag reports that fans are still hopeful of the show returning sometime in December 2016.

One of the show’s makers Dan Harmon has previously let out some hints in this regard. He has virtually confirmed the Rick and Morty Season 3. At January’s Magic City Comic Con, Harmon let out a major tease. He talked of “targeting around the end of the year” for a premiere.

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However, a release in December now looks absolutely impossible. Dan Guterman, the writer of the show, earlier stated that the script was complete in late October. Both co-writers Erica Rosbe and Sarah Carbiener have already revealed the same thing.

Will a December Release Be Possible?

The script has reportedly been completed while the animation has been going on. The animation process is quite slow and hence the show is unlikely to release within December. Harmon could not also provide any specific release date for the third season at another event.

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A launch in early 2017 is expected for the third season of Rick and Morty. Ecumenical News also believes that 9 episodes have only been written out of 14. Logan’s Run, a film made in 1976, will reportedly be a major influence for the next season. The show has courted controversy several times with its topics.

The latest update is that animation processes need to be completed for the show to eventually release. Fans and enthusiasts are waiting for the third season with bated breath!

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