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Resident Evil 7 Biozhazard Arriving with Xbox One to PC “Cross-Saving” Feature

Resident Evil 7 may have a few months to go before its release, but it seems fans will be getting the scores regardless of the platform. It appears the game will have a “cross-saving” feature, allowing them to play in both an Xbox One and a PC.

This means the game has potential of being included in Xbox One’s Play Anywhere program. The feature integrates save files of both the Windows Store and the Xbox One versions of some games.

News arrived from Dengeki, with the outlet saying that the Windows Store version of the game can share play data with the game’s Xbox One iteration. IGN confirmed the news with a statement from Capcom.

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However, neither Microsoft nor Capcom has confirmed Resident Evil 7 to be available in the program. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that Xbox head Phil Spencer did say the Play Anywhere feature will be in third-party games “eventually.”

This opens up the possibility that Resident Evil 7 will be, indeed, part of this spectacle.

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Resident Evil 7: Multiplatform Scares!

However, this does not mean PlayStation fans will be left behind. Resident Evil 7 will also come as a PSVR timed-exclusive. This means fans can try the game in the PlayStation VR before it gets released on other platforms.

Interestingly, it can be noted that both Xbox One and PC fans were late in the Resident Evil ball game. It can be remembered that PS4 players got to try the demos first.

Still, the decision to give the game this feature is a good idea. After all, the game wants to be a “resurgence” of Resident Evil back to its survival horror roots. This also removes limitations from players who want to play on different consoles. This can be convenient for players who own a lot of devices, and still be enough for those with just one.

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