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Pokemon Sun and Moon Tips, Tricks: How to Catch Mashadow, Solgaleo, Magearna, Lunala, Cosmog, Necrozma

You can make use of several Pokemon Sun and Moon tips to catch all the Legendaries you want! You can now catch Solgaleo, Mashadow and Lunala with these tips. You can also snare Magearna, Necrozma and Cosmog if you want!

Pokemon Sun and Moon guides abound online but there are several insider tricks that can help you immensely. Mobile & Apps reports that you will find all the Legendaries in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

When it comes to landing Lunala and Solgaleo, you will anyway identify the twain from the packaging in the game as per experts. These two Legendary Pokemon can be captured pretty easily actually. The Steel/Psychic Solgaleo will be exclusively found in Pokemon Sun.

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You will automatically come across it with further progress of the story. You will also find the Ghost/Psychic Lunala only in Pokemon Moon. You will also have a chance to snare Cosmog once you become the Alola Champion.

You need to visit the Altra of The Sunne/Moone to get hold of Cosmog. You will find a portal appearing. This will only be visible at night in Pokemon Sun and in the day for Pokemon Moon. Once you enter, go towards the Lake of the Moone/Sunne.

Once you reach the very top of the platform, you will find Cosmog post the cutscene. Cosmog can finally evolve into either Lunala or Solgaleo. Once you also catch all the Ultra Beasts, you will find another Ultra Beast flying over the Melemele Island.

How To Snare Necrozma

However, this will turn out to be Necrozma. You have to get as many Ultra Balls as possible and prepare the strongest Pokemon you possess. Necrozma will be at the 75th level and you should stock up well in advance. Once you are ready, you should venture to Ten Carat Hill to snare Necrozma.

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Magearna belongs to the line of Mythical Pokemon and can be snared with the exclusive event QR code. This will be released from December 5th onwards. This code will only be available till the 5th of March, 2017 on Pokemon.com.

You can also snare Marshadow although it has been labeled an Event only Pokemon. This is one mystery that has not been solved. There is no information available about this Pokemon till now.

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