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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: How to Level Up Faster and Gain Experience

Need a Pokemon Sun and Moon guide to help you rake in that experience faster? Well, look no further.

One of the greatest joys of the Pokemon franchise is hearing that familiar ding sound as your Pokemon gets enough EXP to level up. For many this marks the sign of progress through the game, as well as your Pokemon, becoming stronger.

But for those that find themselves leveling too slow, here’s some tips and tricks on how to speed up the process.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Get EXP Faster

The easiest way to boost your experience gain is to acquire the Lucky Egg.

The Lucky Egg is a special item that will boost the experience gain of whatever Pokemon is holding it. To be precise, it will increase the experience gain of the Pokemon holding it to 150%.

And getting the Lucky Egg is actually quite easy — simply collect at least 50 Pokemon and return to Professor Kukui in his research lab on the first island.

Once he sees that you’ve registered at least 50 Pokemon, he’ll reward you with the Lucky Egg.

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Fight, Fight, Fight

Once you have the Lucky Egg it’s time to start fighting wild Pokemon and Trainers.

For Pokemon in the level 40 – 50 range, the fourth island is a prime spot for grinding. The wild Pokemon alone in this island are usually at least level 40 and will generate a lot of EXP.

For even higher levels, your best bet is to face off against the Elite Four.

They’re the cream of the crop as far as trainers are concerned so be prepared for a fight, but should you win you’re bound to get a lot of EXP (and money as well) per run.

For weaker Pokemon that can’t handle themselves in those situations, the easiest way to get them up to par is to give them the Lucky Egg and place them at the start of your party.

Once a battle begins, immediately switch them out for one of your stronger Pokemon that can hopefully survive the counter-attack from the enemy.

Doing so means that the weaker Pokemon “participated” in the battle and will get a nice chunk of EXP that’s larger than what the Experience Share would have otherwise given. And of course, this is further boosted by the Lucky Egg.

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