Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update:

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update: Starbucks, Niantic Labs Collaboration Expected; Discount Drinks and Lures

It appears trainers are finally getting a Pokemon GO Gen 2 update next month. However, it appears Starbucks will also be part of the fun.

Speculations and fan clamor for newer additions to Pokemon GO have been stapled requests. There hasn’t been a month since the game’s release where players asked for trading and newer Pokemon. However, with a big update looming on the horizon, the possibility may become a reality.

Meanwhile, it seems Niantic Labs will also be collaborating with a big industry name for its marketing potential. Starbucks may even enter the fray with discounts and lures.

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The intriguing news came in the form of a contributor to the Silph Road subreddit. Apparently, the contributor, who is a self-proclaimed Starbucks employee, has received a “memo” from “corporate” revealing a new campaign that will be released with “Pokeman Version 2.”

Aside from a “Pokeman Frappuccino,” there appears to be planning to “drop lures” at all Starbucks stores on a country-wide scale. Fans are quick to point that there is no proof that this memo has indeed come from Starbucks, and “Pokeman” is spelled incorrectly.

Interestingly, the source also said this e-mail was indeed from corporate. He would also “forward” if needed. This implies what appears to be a potential partnership between Starbucks and Niantic Labs.

Regardless, some redditors at the Silph Road have “confirmed” the validity of the e-mail, but were not able to confirm the validity of the line about the game.

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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update: Trading, PvP, Legendaries?

However, it may be helpful to take the news with a grain of salt. After all, even if the news is true, the memo said “version two” and not “generation two.” Regardless, it may all just be a matter of semantics.

The next update will arrive on December 7. Fans are thinking at this point that Niantic Labs may even put up an announcement. However, this may just add to the excitement and the thrills that fans may experience with the new game.

Players and experts are predicting that the leaks about Generation 2 Pokemon, a potential trading system and revamps have a tinge of reality. After all, the Buddy System that was added were discovered as a leak as well.

Still, given that this is the most massive update for the game yet, there is a reason to believe that the game may finally add Generation 2 Pokemon. However, until the update or an announcement is actually here, we can only speculate.

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