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Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2 Update: Lee Joon-gi and Lee Ji-eun May Get Replaced

Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo has been in the news once again. The period drama may be set for a second season as per reports. Fans and enthusiasts are still wondering about the release date for the 2nd season.

There is a huge demand for Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo season 2. International Business Times reports that there are several online petitions that have been filed by fans. Fans have filed these petitions expressing their desire to see mistress Hae Soo and the Prince Wang So/King Gwangjong pair up again.

These petitions aim at making the broadcasting network take decisive steps towards renewing Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo. The Lee Ji-eun and Lee Jong-gi starrer has reached a whole new level of popularity in recent times.

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Fans have already been wondering whether SBS will be renewing the show at all. However, no official confirmation is available as of yet. HNGN reports that the petition gained ground when there were 37, 554 signatures. The initial aim was to land 35, 000 signatures and this has been surpassed.

Will the show return?

The finally has now reached 52, 000 signatures as per reports. The petition was started by a fan living in Italy on This petition website already has a total user base nearing 100 million. The petition demands a sequel for the popular television show even though it initially garnered low ratings in Korea itself!

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The show is reportedly based by the Bu Bu Jing Xin version in China. The Seoul Broadcasting System is being requested by this petition to create a sequel to the first season. The petition also highlights how a sequel has been made for the Chinese version.

CEO & President at SBS, Lee Woong Mo is likely to have noticed this petition already. In case SBS decides to honor the requests of fans, a second season may well be on the cards!

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