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Madonna Dead Rumors: Reportedly Commits Suicide After Failed Relationship With Son

Is Madonna Dead? Rumors have been floating about Madonna committing suicide after being devastated by her failed relationship with son Rocco. Rocco is currently living with his director father Guy Ritchie in London.

Madonna dead rumors have been circulating online ever since the controversy with Rocco broke out online. However, these rumors are deemed to be hoaxes since Madonna is alive and well. Rocco, her son, has just turned 16 this year and wishes to live with his father.

While this has broken Madonna’s heart as per rumors, she is still alive and perfectly fine. Madonna dead rumors were spread by several fans. These fans seemed to establish that she had committed suicide in grief over her troubles with Rocco.

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However, this has since been established to be a major hoax of sorts. Madonna has been able to create a rational agreement with Guy Ritchie whom she divorced in the year 2008. Madonna started her study of Kabbalah after Lourdes was born in the year 1996.

Rocco came into this world in the year 2006 and Madonna later adopted David Banda from Malawi. She also adopted mercy James from Malawi in the year 2009. Madonna has earlier talked of how much she loves and cares for her children including Rocco.

What Happened Online?

However, Rocco’s troubled relationship with his mother came to the fore online. Express reports that Rocco is believed to have posted online that he was  “so glad I don’t live there anymore” referring to his mother’s house.

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This comment came in lieu of an Instagram post showing Madonna and her friends taking part in a mannequin challenge at dinner. Rocco even put up several laughing emojis once a fan talked of how the dinner “looked like a lot of fun”.

He later deleted the message and the original video was later removed from Madonna’s Instagram page. Rocco also blocked several fans who challenged him for mocking his mother.

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