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Final Fantasy 15 Crown Update 8GB Day One Patch; What Does it Include

Fans will finally be able to get their hands on Final Fantasy 15 this week. However, a new 8GB Day One patch will add a ton of new stuff to the game. Just what does the Crown Update hold?

Square Enix has announced that the game’s newest Crown Update will have new tweaks and features to be added in the game after its launch. This makes the game a hulking 58GB download. However, given the fan reception and the clamor on its story, it appears the game’s massive size is worth the wait.

Interestingly, the new tweaks to be added in the game add aesthetic value to Final Fantasy‘s newest title. It sets a better mood for the rather gritty and gloomy setting of Noctis Caelum’s quest to take back his throne.

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When it comes to the game’s battles, the game adds some features from the Omen trailer. Noctis can apparently do a Shift (Warp) Drop Kick and a Backward Shift (Warp) Magic. These happen with daggers equipped, or if he activates elemental magic respectively.

Meanwhile, Wait Mode-exclusive abilities are added to the ability call. This includes a speed boost for the Libra (information gathering) ability. The Wait Gauge also recovers faster to allow more time for strategy. Not to mention, Shift Breaks are faster and deadlier to weaker opponents. The game now adds a red and dark red filter depending on the characters’ health.

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Noctis can now shift forward in the field outside of battle, and a Music Player now allows players to add their own music. A gallery also features dishes and fishes the gang has made and caught.

Auto-drive will not pause the Regalia’s movement if you open the menu, and an in-car shop allows you to shop while driving. Interestingly, the game also fixes a ton of bugs that were found in the demo and beta versions.

Regardless, these minute improvements may seem small but they add to the overall impression of the game. Fans are already thrilled to see a ton of new features and aesthetics to the Final Fantasy game.

The game is available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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