Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy 15: 3 Ways to Make Money Quickly

Money makes the world go round, especially in RPGs. Final Fantasy 15 appears to be no different. Here’s the fastest way to earn money in the much-awaited game.

Players are more than excited to get a hold of prince Noctis Caelum in his journey to retake his throne. However, it appears the prince, who is quite fond of road trips, do not appear to have a lot of cash in hand.

Luckily for him, the world of Final Fantasy 15 has a ton of ways to earn gil. Some of them involve casual monster and treasure hunting, and others involve photographs. Also, carrots.

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The game will have Noctis and his friends fight a variety of monsters throughout the game. They appear to be everywhere, especially during their road trips. However, the group can earn money by taking contracts and eliminating monsters along the way. Owners of a lot of restaurants need a lot of monsters to be killed, so you get food and the money.

Interestingly, players can only accept one contract at a time. They differ in ranking, too, which means the harder the contract, the more the money.

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A second option is to collect an assortment of trinkets around the world. This applies on a lot of spare armor, weapons and even items that are scattered around the game. However, players can also farm for carrots by the time they get a cabin in Cape Caem. And boy does these carrots sell – they get you 500 gil a pop. Leaving the seeds longer can make more carrots appear, therefore more money.

Lastly, players can also take on photography sidequests with Vyn. Players can meet him in a Lestallum and will ask you to take photos of an assortment of landmarks. You need to travel to the destination, snap a photograph, and return to him. His regular assistants can get tons of gold, even raking up on 12,000 gil a pop.

Final Fantasy 15 appears to be an epic game of epic proportions, and epic game sizes. Fans anxiously waiting for the release are now pre-downloading the 50GB game.

Regardless, with the features that are coming with the game, it appears the long wait is worth it. The game will be releasing for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the PC iteration being deliberated upon.

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