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Rose McGowan Sex Tape: How Was it Leaked

Just recently, a sex tape of Charmed star Rose McGowan flooded the internet. After the two, two-minute clips were leaked online, social media outlets like Twitter were flooded by screenshots of the actress in the video.

It was Thanksgiving Day when Rose McGowan sex videos were leaked online. These clips clearly showed the 43-year old naked. In the first clip, Rose McGowan was pleasuring herself. On the second one, she was giving a man whose face was not shown oral sex. Immediately after, Twitter exploded with screenshots of the said video.


After these clips were released, she posted a statement on Twitter not exactly pertaining to the clip. However, it seems quite obvious that the intention of the tweet was to respond to the leaked videos and the social media frenzy it caused.

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Her post garnered several replies. Some are supportive of her tweet where she said “I do not believe in shame.” Others, however, condemned her for the video.

Rose McGowan’s Stand On Sexuality

The Planet Terror star has always been vocal about her stand against sexual abuse to women on Hollywood. She even claimed she was raped before but could not pursue charges.

She tweeted “A (female) criminal attorney said because I’d done a sex scene in a film I would never win against the studio head.”

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In addition, Rose McGowan has also been quite open about gender empowerment for LGBTs and is a self-proclaimed feminist.

During the previous election, she has also been quite vocal about her disdain of president-elect Donald Trump. The actress is very openly against him and pro-Hillary Clinton.

Rose McGowan On The Leaked Sex Tape

Other than her tweet, nothing else has been said about the star. Her management has not confirmed nor denied the released tape.

As to how the tape managed to surface online, it is still uncertain. But, this is not the first time a celebrity has been subject to a breach of privacy.

Many other stars’ private videos and photos have been exposed to the public. Some of the reasons include cellphones or laptops being stolen from them. But other than that, these stars have also been hacked online especially if their files are in cloud storage.

While many think what happened to Rose McGowan was her own fault, others still argue that it is her right to do as she pleases in her own private time. What is undoubtedly wrong is that these videos being leaked without her permission.

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