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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough: How to Defeat Island Kahuna Hala

Talk about revitalizing! Pokemon Sun and Moon has shaken things up with a lot of new introductions to its usual Pokemon formula. However, with at least 100 new Pokemon, new starters, legendaries and myths to explore, it appears Nintendo has a lot more surprises.

The tropical region of Alola came with its own professor, a refreshing tropical ambiance, and its own versions of Pokemon. However, it also replaced Gyms with Islands, with Trials and Kahuna battles taking their place.

Players that are just starting the game have already met Hala, the kahuna of Melemele. However, it appears you have to face off with the old man before moving on to the next island.

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Players will remember that the Melemele Island trial will be completed in Verdant Cavern. However, they will have to return to Route 3 and back to Iki Town to face Kahuna Hala.

Gamers ought to observe how these battles take place, as the journey across Alola Island will become a bit more difficult after this.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon: A “Tropical” Journey to be the Best

A heads up – Hala’s Pokemon are all Fighting-type, meaning they are weak to Flying, Fairy and Psychic moves. He has a Mankey (LVL14), a Crabrawler (LVL15) and a Makuhita (LVL14).

Be warned as his team really deals huge damage in quick intervals, meaning it’s a test against time. If you have Flying-type or Ghost-type Pokemon, you ought to use them quickly. Melemele Island has a ton of Spearow, Wingull and Zubat with powerful beginner moves such as Gust, Wing Attack and Peck. Be careful not to let Crabrawler dish its Z-Power and Z-Move or you’re toast.

Defeating Hala grants you a Fightinium Z-Crystal, a TM54-False Swipe and a Ride Pager. This allows you to access your first Ride Pokemon, Tauros and head to Akala Island.

This boss battle will be one among many that you will face across Alola region. Aside from the rather spectacular graphics the game offers (a la Open World), there’s so much to see in the expansive region.

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