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Pokemon GO December Update: 100+ Pokemon, Trading Feature Reportedly Arriving

Pokemon Go December updates reveal that there may be new attractions for players. Niantic is reportedly planning to integrate a trading feature into the game. Players may be finally able to trade Pokemon amongst themselves.

However, Niantic has not officially confirmed any such Pokemon Go trading feature till now. There is no official word on when this feature will be officially available for the game. Niantic is already slated to unveil a comprehensive update in December itself.

As per reports, this Pokemon Go update should contain this new trading feature. It should also contain more than 100 new Legendary and normal Pokemon. Players will also be able to nurture and raise their Pokemon right after they are hatched from their eggs.

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This New Update Could be a Game Changer

Phone Arena reports that word of this new update and feature has come from internal sources. Niantic will look to announce this feature soon. This will spark further excitement amongst fans of the game.

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There will be new Legendary Pokemon including Raikou, Lugia, and Pupitar. Other names include Stantler, Celebi, Entei, and Blissey. You can also expect to see Smeargle, Donphan, and Suicune.

Niantic’s CEO has earlier confirmed that many of these features will be integrated into Pokemon Go in the future. Venture Beat reports that there will be player versus player duels integrated as well. One can also trade easily along with raising critters after the eggs are hatched.

If these updates turn out to be true, it may mean great news for the game. These updates and features will certainly lead to a revival in the vital holiday season. Mew and Mewtwo will also be among the new Legendary Pokemon unleashed by the developers.

Ditto is the only release that has happened so far. However, the update should be a reality sooner than later. Pokemon Go has witnessed a slump in the number of players after its blockbuster arrival.

However, these new features could get many of these disgruntled enthusiasts playing again.

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