NBA MVP Predictions 2017
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NBA MVP Predictions 2017: Russell Westbrook Predicted To Be 2017 MVP

NBA MVP predictions 2017 are pointing out that Russell Westbrook might just be the next NBA MVP. However, other big players are also considered with high odds to become the famed Most Valuable Player for the season.

Paddy Powers, an Irish bookmaker has just released the 2016-17 NBA MVP odds. Golden State Warrior two-time MVP, Stephen Curry tops their NBA MVP predictions 2017. However, many analysts still consider that it is highly probable that Oklahoma City Tiger point guard Russell Westbrook takes the title with him.

If Stephen Curry wins MVP next year, he will be the fourth player in the history of the sport to be MVP thrice in a row. Only Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell has been three-time consecutive MVP.

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In the last ten years, however, it is only LeBron James who won the MVP title four times. Other than Bill Russell, King James is the only player with a record of four MVPs in five years.

NBA MVP Predictions 2017: Russell Westbrook MVP?

Despite not having won Most Valuable Player in a regular season, the 28-year old has been All-Star MVP twice in 2015 and 2016. It is also important to note his performance this season comparing it to previous seasons.

There have been a lot of changes with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Kevin Durant was traded for Victor Oladipo and Serge Ibaka with Domantas Sabonis. Despite all the changes, Thunder is doing well with a 10-8 record because of their point guard Russell Westbrook.

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It will prove difficult in the long stretch for him to single-handedly manage creating points for the team. However, if he continues performing the way he does now analysts are saying that he might just be the next NBA MVP.

Without Kevin Durant in Thunder, it also gives Westbrook more opportunity to score. Sports Insight even shared a comparison of his performance with and without Durant. And while its still a bit early on in the season, the six foot three Thunder is doing spectacularly well.

Nonetheless, there are other players being considered and weighed in as MVP. Among them are Stephen Curry, who’s performance this season is still put-together. Additionally, the king LeBron James is also still a contender for the title.

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