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MLB Rumors: Pablo Sandoval May Return to San Francisco Giants

Recent MLB Rumors indicate that Pablo Sandoval may return to the San Francisco Giants. Sandoval is currently with the Boston Rex Sox. However, he has been performing below par for quite a long time now.

The Boston Red Sox are amenable to selling him as per MLB Rumors. This indicates that the Giants may want to get back one of their most successful players. Inquisitr reports that the Giants have already held discussions regarding a trade for Sandoval.

Third baseman Sandoval makes for a hot trade target in recent times as per latest MLB Rumors. Sandoval has already spent seven seasons with the Giants. He has even won three World Series Championships with the team.

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2010, 2012 and 2014 victories apart, he has generally performed above expectations. Sandoval has already been in 2011 and 2012 All-Star teams with the Giants. He has 73 runs batted in while his home run average stands at 17.

Sandoval then agreed to join the Red Sox on a five-year contract. This contract is worth a lucrative $95 million. However, he has not been able to strike form after joining the Boston Red Sox. Instead, he has lapsed into spells of continual non-performance.

Why Sandoval Could be Back

Sandoval has been criticized for his frequent injuries and huge weight gain. He has also been affectionately called Kung Fu Panda. Sandoval has also posted the worst Wins Above Replacement (WAR) in his entire career while at the Boston Red Sox. This -2.0 rating accompanies a 5% walk rate and 14.5% strikeout rate.

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Sandoval went through a shoulder surgery after only three games this season. Several experts talked about how Boston would benefit by trading Sandoval. A good third baseman is necessary for the team and Sandoval is proving to be a huge liability.

The 30-year-old may still be a valuable prospect as far as the Giants are concerned. A deal will not be hindered by the three years and close to $60 million left on Sandoval’s contract.

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