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MLB News: Will New York Yankees Acquire Edwin Encarnacion

The latest MLB News rumors hint at Edwin Encarnacion being bought by the Yankees. The New York Yankees are looking at first baseman Encarnacion as a major boost for the side. This will also help the Yankees weaken the Blue Jays.

MLB News Rumors point out that one of the biggest trade deals may take place soon. The Yankees are on a massive rebuilding spree. Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran, and Ivan Nova have all been traded. Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez have already retired while Andrew Miller has also been traded.

As per MLB News Rumors, the owner and general manager are now emphasizing on a younger team. Inquisitr reports that youngsters like Gary Sanchez helped the Yankees to their 84-78 tally last season. Blue Jays star Edwin Encarnacion is now on the Yankees’ radar.

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Encarnacion means a good replacement at first base. This is all the more necessary after Teixeira’s retirement. Encarnacion has already posted .263 with .357 OBP in tandem with 127 RBIs. He also has 42 home runs which came in handy for the Blue Jays’ American League Championship Series victory. This proved to be a major milestone for Encarnacion.

Why Encarnacion Will Be a Good Deal

Encarnacion is known for his offensive abilities and superlative performances till date. Landing him will help the Yankees weaken the Blue Jays as per rumors. Encarnacion has already hit 21 home runs against the Yankees themselves. He also has .280 with .353 OBP and 76 RBIs against the Yankees.

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Out of these figures, 15 home runs have been notched up by Encarnacion at Yankee Stadium. He also has 37 RBIs at this venue all throughout his career. The Yankees have reportedly been impressed by these numbers.

The Yankees are also considering Aroldis Chapman who was earlier shifted to the Chicago Cubs. However, Chapman is reportedly open towards another deal with the Yankees in the offseason.

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