Big Bang Theory Season 11

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Cancellation News Debunked; Air Date, Spoilers Surface

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 may not be cancelled as earlier rumors suggested. New revelations have emerged that there is likely to be another season. However, cancellation issues still remain likely after Season 11.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 has already zeroed in on a date for airing. Some hints regarding the plot have also been revealed to fans. HNGN reports that Season 11 will be airing in December sometime after the 10th Season ends.

The 10th season is currently on a short break and will return with a new episode on the 1st of December. Season 11 is thus likely to be aired sometime in the latter half of December. The cancellation rumors arose with news of the main cast having issues with their salaries.

There were also reports of contracts being left unclear and Kaley Cuoco leaving. Cuoco reportedly wished to leave and have a family. However, it has now emerged that Cuoco will return to the show for Season 11. A new contract has already been signed by her.

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Important News Updates 

Johnny Galecki has also signed a new contract. This confirms that he will not be leaving as well. However, there is still some uncertainty over Jim Parsons. The rest of the main cast will also be signing their new contracts as per the latest reports.

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However, Jim Parsons may want to focus on other television work. He has attained huge popularity with Sheldon Cooper’s role in The Big Bang Theory. However, he is also working on The Monarch is going to Sh*t with Freeform.

Parsons has not confirmed any such permanent exit from the show. However, Sheldon Cooper will definitely be missed by fans! The Big Bang Theory Season 11 may have a whole new plot but titles have not been revealed yet.

Chuck Lorre has also confirmed that Season 11 will be shown sometime this December. Fans are still hopeful of seeing all the main characters back on the show.

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