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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Farm for Shiny Starters, Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon marks the return of the enigmatic shiny Pokemon. While catching these babies are just as hard, here are some tips.

First, a few basics. Players understand that there’s only a 1-in-8192 chance of even encountering a shiny Pokemon when encountering wild monsters. This may seem like a plausible statistic, but this is freakishly hard to meet. The chances are slim, and a lot may even encounter 8,192 Pokemon and not meet a shiny.

However, like always, there are methods to get these little critters in a few hours.

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The best advice is to have a Pokemon with either a False Swipe or Holdback move. This forces the HP of an enemy to fall to just 1HP instead of knocking it out. A Pokemon with a non-damaging move is also recommended for stalling.

Next is to get an Adrenaline Orb, accessible after completing Mallow’s trial in the Lush Jungle. After that, it’s all in the Pokemon you want.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon: It’s Raining Shinies

You can search a ton of websites to see sprites of Pokemon you want to capture. By the time you encounter your chosen Pokemon, reduce it to low health. If you use your Adrenaline Orb, then this forces it to call for help. Keep on using a non-damaging move to force it to call for help.

If a new enemy appears, only one of three choices will happen. Either it has better individual values, it has a hidden ability, or it’s a shiny.

You can just keep on knocking out helpers that arrive until the shiny arrives. Then it’s all a matter of defeating both of them.

A variation of the trick can be used in starter Pokemon. After all, why complete shiny sets without Rowlet, Litten or Popplio shinies, right?

This new method is not guaranteed, and it may take hundreds of hours to accomplish. They ought to save their game after the bridge encounter with their Tapu Koko guardian, just before talking to Lillie.

Now there’s a 1-out-of-4,096 chances of encountering a shiny starter Pokemon. This encounter can happen by the time you select one of them. Sadly, you can’t get to catch the other starters in the wild – meaning this is the only way to get a shiny of any of the three. Any undesired outcome means rebooting the game.

However, be warned that it will only look shiny after selecting it. So it will definitely take a lot of time. But hey, if you want to be the very best, the odds can be beat!

Pokemon Sun and Moon are currently available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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