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Planet Coaster Patch 1.01 LIVE. Here’s What You Need to Know

Planet Coaster came out a week ago for the PC and is essentially a spiritual successor to the popular RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. It received good reviews from several outlets and holds a rating of 84 on Metacritic, but it wasn’t perfect.

Complaints came in regarding the game’s stability and performance with people reporting bad frame rates and system crashes. In addition to that, it also received criticism for being far too easy of a game.

Luckily, it seems like developer Frontier Developments was listening to the critics as today they released Patch 1.01 for the game which attempts to address these issues.

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Planet Coaster Patch 1.01 Details

So what exactly does the new patch do? Well, it first attempts to fix some of the biggest issues the game had at launch.

The Patch 1.01 notes state that they’ve made changes to the game to optimize performance as well as fix the crashes that some players were experiencing.

In addition to that, they’ve added a “harder” challenge mode which we’ll get into more detail later.

And finally, they fixed some bugs that were found in the game shortly after it launched last week.

In addition to fixing the things that people disliked, the new patch also seeks to add some new features to give an overall better experience.

They’ve added new coaster, shops, and scenery blueprints for the player to use when building their dream park. They’ve also added some new Quality of Life changes to make the game feel better overall, such as being able to use the escape key to exit menus.

A full detailed list of all changes can be found on the Planet Coaster forums.

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Planet Coaster Update Improves Difficulty

As previously mentioned, one of the major gameplay complaints that people had with the game was that it was too easy. Once you’ve gotten past the initial difficulty at the start of every park, it became nearly impossible to actually lose.

So to address that concern, Patch 1.01 includes a “harder” challenge mode, as per the words in the patch notes.

While it doesn’t go into details on how exactly it made the game harder, Reddit user FinalMantasyX did some testing and confirmed the following changes:

  • Guest generation is lower.
  • Guest cost preference is lower.
  • Staff happiness threshold lower.

Whether or not this covers all the changes is currently unknown. And while these changes might not fully address some of the concerns with the game’s difficulty, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

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