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NBA 2016: Boston Celtics May Get Rudy Gay By Trading 4 Players

NBA 2016 updates have come in about Rudy Gay being traded by the Kings. The Boston Celtics will reportedly land Rudy Gay by trading a total of four players. The Boston Celtics have previously targeted other big names like DeMarcus Cousins and Klay Thompson.

As per NBA 2016 rumors, even Carmelo Anthony, Paul George and Hassan Whiteside were on their radar. HNGN reports that the Boston Celtics will stop at nothing to acquire Rudy Gay. The Sacramento Kings are also open to selling Rudy Gay.

NBA 2016 reports highlight how Rudy Gay has already expressed his desire to leave the Kings. Gay already wishes to depart after the season ends. He is said to be extremely disappointed with the team’s current performances.

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This is rumored to be one of the biggest reasons behind his decision. He may want to play at the Boston Celtics for the better opportunities it would provide. A deal is already being proposed to this effect. This is likely to involve 2 future picks and 5 players.

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The Sacramento Kings may trade Gay to the Celtics in exchange for four players. These would be guard James Young, guard Gerald Green and forward Jordan Mickey. Forward Jonas Jerebko is also expected to be a part of this deal.

Why This Deal Makes Sense

The Kings may go for two second-round picks as well. The Celtics may well seem on the losing end of such a deal. However, the value that Rudy Gay commands may match up to the same. The deal will be perfectly legal under all NBA regulations.

Gay currently has a 42.9% shooting percentage which will come in handy for the Celtics. The Boston Celtics will also want his skill sets. Gay has averages of 2.8 assists, 6.4 rebounds and 20.2 points overall.

Instead of losing out on Gay in free agency, the Sacramento Kings may well take this deal. At least, they will get good value for him anyway.

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