GameStop Black Friday 2016

GameStop Black Friday 2016: Here are the Best Deals Available

Video game retailer GameStop seems to refuse to be left behind in the festivities. Tons of hit games are among its console bundles this year.

The hit retailer seems to have unveiled what appears to be a massive lineup of items for sale in its website. Gamers will surely be wanting to get back on their couches to play this Black Friday 2016.

Interested players and gamers can check out its whopping 14-page catalog in its website. However, here are some of its best deals.

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Console enthusiasts may want to use their saved money to buy another console with the outlet’s bundle deals. Its newest PlayStation 4 bundle comes with a copy of the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, one of the best games to be released this year. They can get it for $249.99, $50 cheaper from its standard price. They can even get a copy of Rachet & Clank or The Last of Us Remastered for free!

Xbox enthusiasts will not be disappointed to hear that it is also for sale in the same price. Players who are looking at prospective consoles can grab an Xbox One for its delightful lineup of games.

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GameStop Black Friday 2016: One of So Many

In speaking of games, there are a ton of hit games on sale for Black Friday. For instance, Batman: Arkham Knight will bring you to a terrifying Gotham where the Batman has finally met his match. Star Wars: Battlefront will allow you to relive the adventures of various Star Wars characters from behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, Battlefield 1 remains to be a gripping tale of the Great War’s stories. Titanfall 2 immerses us in giant robot battles, while Mafia 3 is a classier, noir version of Grand Theft Auto.

Regardless, player scan grab these games for only $9.99! Players ought to check out the catalog and see the rest of the games that will surely let them have the advantage.

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