Blizzard Black Friday 2016

Blizzard Black Friday 2016 Offers Massive Discounts for Hit Games – Overwatch, World of Warcraft

Blizzard fans will have a delightful time on the Blizzard Black Friday 2016 page. The publisher will offer decent deals on a ton of games.

Players and gamers who are fans of some of its hit games will be awestruck to see them at discounted prices. There also seems to be a few “bundles” on its online games available for purchase.

This means games such as OverwatchHeroes of the Storm and StarCraft 2 will have awesome promos available.

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First on the list is World of Warcraft. All of its expansions through the infamous Warlords of Draenor can be bought for $4.99. This is a whopping 75-percent decrease off its standard $19.99 price.

Full details of the Black Friday sale are all on its website. Interestingly, the page does not seem to include Diablo 3 or the newest expansion of Hearthstone. 

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Blizzard Black Friday 2016: It’s High Noon!

The first two expansions of StarCraft 2 can be bought to $9.99 each. These are Wings of Liberty and Heart of Swarm, with the two games chronicling the journey of both the Terran and the Zerg races against the Ancient One.

The third expansion, Legacy of the Void, is for sale for $19.99. The same price tag is placed on World of Warcraft‘s latest expansion, Legion.

Meanwhile Heroes of the Storm has two discounted bundles. Players can get the Legends of the Nexus Bundle which contains Kerrigan, Tassadar and Leoric. The bundle has a skin for each of the heroes and two mounts. This can be purchased for $39.99, from $86.42.

Meanwhile the Altered War Bundle has Sonya, Arthas, Illidan, Tyrande and Sylvanas. They will have the Wrath, Crown Prince, Shan’do, Blood Elf and Ranger General skins of the characters. This can be bought for $9.99, down from a whopping $82.90.

The sale will inevitably bring back attention to the publisher and some of its hit games. Blizzard has been known to produce some of gaming’s most iconic titles. This includes StarCraft that revolutionized the scene of online competitions, and WarCraft that spawned what is perhaps the world’s most iconic MMORPG. Overwatch is also becoming a global phenomenon barely a year out of its launch.

Which goes to show, what other titles is Blizzard planning to release?

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