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Apple iPad Pro 2017 Rumors: 10.5-inch iPad Pro Production Begin Next Month

The Apple iPad Pro 2017 has been making headlines online. Fans and enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for a 10.5 inch version of the iPad Pro. Production of this model is slated to begin next month though nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

The Apple iPad Pro 2017 model is expected to get a 10.5 inch display unit. However, these rumors have not been officially confirmed yet. There was a major rumor spreading like wildfire in August 2016. This rumor pointed at a 10.5 inch iPad model arriving in 2017.

GSM Arena reports that this device may actually exist as confirmed by several “supply chain makers” based out of Taiwan. Reports are now saying that the new Apple iPad Pro 2017 will be produced from December 2016 onwards.

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This translates into a formal launch around the first quarter in 2017. The 10.5 inch iPad and new 12.9 inch Pro should launch simultaneously. Both tablets will come with the brand new Apple A10X chipset. This is another rumor that has not been confirmed yet.

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The release of a 10.5 inch model is expected to help Apple achieve 2 million additional sales. This should happen by the first quarter of 2017. Overall sales figures may well touch 5-6 million units for the entire year once it releases.

Why 10.5 inch? 

The 10.5 inch version may be developed for the sheer popularity of the size in the US education and business segments. The 9.7 inch version is often considered a little too small. The 12.9 inch iPad Pro is considered too big and expensive for generating mass sales volumes.

Apple may also unveil a 9.7 inch iPad version in early 2017. However, this will be a low-end proposition in comparison to this upcoming 10.5 inch version should it materialize. The 9.7 inch version will continue to be powered by the A9X chipset.

It remains to be seen when the 10.5 inch Apple iPad Pro is launched. However, initial estimates confirm that it will be a huge success!

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