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WWE Rumors: What’s Next for Bill Goldberg

The latest WWE Rumors refuse to die down about Bill Goldberg prolonging his return. Bill Goldberg was expected to get the last sendoff after fighting Brock Lesnar. He returned at Survivor Series and defeated Brock Lesnar.

The latest WWE rumors have been confirmed that Bill Goldberg has now been confirmed for Royal Rumble. Heavy reports that Goldberg would have had one last match with Brock Lesnar. However, since it is clear that he’s here to stay, what does his future hold?

WWE Rumors speculate that the Royal Rumble appearance will extend into WrestleMania. A strong storyline is also being built for Bill Goldberg. He will appear on the 29th of January at Royal Rumble next year. He has already stated that he will be gunning for one last title before fully retiring.

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The Royal Rumble winner gets a direct shot at the title and hence, Goldberg could be here until February or even March 2017. Goldberg has stated however that he is “only as good as my next appearance”. He has also stated that he is focusing solely on the Royal Rumble and does not “have any plans of doing anything afterwards”.

Other Important Updates 

Goldberg’s story may well cover WrestleMania as per WWE Rumors. There will be a plot where Brock Lesnar will cost Goldberg the Royal Rumble victory. This will spark a rematch between the two titans again. Lesnar has not been officially lined up for Royal Rumble but should be there as per sources.

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Dave Meltzer has even stated that Goldberg and Lesnar will have multiple matches together. Lesnar will reportedly beat Goldberg at WrestleMania and this may be the latter’s sendoff. Both Lesnar and Goldberg have part-time deals where they get huge payments for every match.

Goldberg will be a major attraction for the Royal Rumble which will take place at the San Antonio Alamodome.

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