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Street Fighter 5 DLC Stage Banned from Competition Allegedly for Being Too Disorienting, Bad Health Effects

Street Fighter 5 remains to be one of the best fighting games across the board. However, a recent DLC stage may be too difficult to handle in the competitive fighting scene.

Fans of the game will know that completing the story is not the one goal of the game. Street Fighter 5 and its predecessors want players to master the game. This is why some consider this to be one of the best, and the hardest, games of all time.

These may be the reasons why fighting game tournaments are still pretty popular.

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Capcom has just announced in a tweet that the recent Skies for Honor stage will not be used for the Capcom Cup 2016 and Capcom Pro Tour 2017 Season. It simply explained the stage was “too visually distracting” for tournament play.

Street Fighter 5: Skies of Honor, Skies of Nausea

Skies of Honor is a DLC stage that takes place on character Rashid’s private plane. The stage does take players on a trip to Dubai, which is a good thing in itself. However, some players expressed concerns over the changing background.

Pro player Keoma Pacheco expressed his concern about how the stage can be heavily distracting to players. He wrote in a blog post that the composition may be beautiful, but it’s distracting. Jumping, moving and crouching follows the character, which meant the background constantly changes.

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This is the second time Capcom has banned a stage from competition. Kanzuki Beach was the first to hit the sack. The low-travelling projectiles players use can be obscured by one half of the stage. Training level The Grid was also automatically banned.

The Capcom Cup is an annual tournament held in California that began in 2013. It started with the arrival of the Street Fighter 4 series of game. It eventually featured other games such as Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken.

The game serves as one of many qualifying events under the Capcom Pro Tour. The Capcom Cup is joined by prestigious tournaments such as Evolution Championship Series and DreamHack.

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