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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Ultra Beasts and Where to Find Them

Pokemon Sun and Moon gives another hurdle before being the very best: Ultra Beasts. Luckily, we’re not too far behind as here are quick tips.

Players will understand that becoming the Alola Region Champion is the staple goal of all trainers. They have not endured through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos to not earn the badges and defeat the Elite Four.

Interestingly, Pokemon Sun and Moon offers more than just the championship. There are a ton of shiny Pokemon to capture. There are also more than 100 new Pokemon in the stunningly 700+ strong PokeDex.

However, it doesn’t stop there. The Aether Foundation has also heralded the arrival of awesome Ultra Beasts, creatures with power that rivals those of even the Legendary Pokemon.

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By the time they become the Alolan Region Champion, they will receive a card from a man outside their house. It asks them to visit the Hotel on Route 8. Unlike what we are all thinking, Looker and Anabel will challenge the player to a battle and directs them to Wicke of Aether Foundation.

The scientist will hand them Beast Balls. These are special Pokeballs that can capture Ultra Beasts, but are virtually useless against anything else. This is the endgame adventure begins.

Be sure to always return to Looker and Anabel by the time you capture each Ultra Beast.

Pokemon Sun and Moon: An Ultra Beast Conspiracy?

Some time in the game, mighty Rock/Poison-type Nihilego will make a surprise appearance as the “first” Ultra Beast in the game. However, Cosmog will be creating more Ultra Wormholes to gather Ultra Beasts in the region.

Nihilego will be the first Ultra Beast you could acquire. You can find it in Wela Volcano and Digglett’s Tunnel. Players can tell it’s nearby with the change of music in the background. The Ultra Beast is a Level 55 Rock/Poison type, and has a Special Defense boost.

Buzzwole (Sun) or Pheromosa (Moon) is located on Melemele Island. Depending on your iteration, Buzzwole is in Melemele Meadow, while Phermosoa is in Verdant Cave. Both of them are Level 65 Bug/Fighting Types, and will have a Defense boost.

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Xurkitree’s information can be found by battling Mina, the final Trial Captain. She will be blocking the player’s path in Akala Island. Once defeated, she reveals the Ultra Beast is in Memorial Hill and Lush Jungle. That’s right, there’s two of them. Both of them are Level 65 electric types and has a Special Attack boost.

Kartana (Sun) or Celesteela (Moon) can be found on Ula’ula Island. Four Kartana are along Routes 13-17, while two Celesteela are in Malie Garden. Each Kartana is a Level 60 Grass/Steel type. Meanwhile the Celesteela are Level 65 Steel/Flying type. They all have Attack boosts.

Lastly, Guzzlord can be found after an eventual surprising plot point (no spoilers!). However, they will soon be directed to Seafolk Village. Nanu will challenge the player to battle to ensure they are ready to battle Guzzlord. He is a Level 70 Dark/Dragon type that has an Attack boost.

After all these endeavors, the player will be congratulated by Anabel and Looker. Wicke will confirm the mission’s completion. Meanwhile, it appears another Ultra Beast is on the loose. However, after being disputed, it appears to be the Legendary Pokemon Necrozema.

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