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MLB Rumors 2016: Mike Trout May Head to NY Yankees This Offseason

Recent MLB Rumors 2016 state that Mike Trout may be bought by the Yankees. The New York Yankees seem likely to buy Mike Trout in the offseason. The Yankees have already traded several big players including Aroldis Chapman and Carlos Beltran.

MLB Rumors 2016 hint at the Yankees looking to get hold of Mike Trout as a good replacement. CSN has reported that the Yankees are looking to rebuild their team. The Yankees have been monitoring Mike Trout rather closely in recent times. Trout is skilled but the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim apparently want to sell him off.

MLB Rumors 2016 hint that the team may well be better off without the star. This has also been hinted by several scouts. The Yankees may well be Trout’s first choice as well. The Yankees being in rebuilding mode will actually bolster chances for a good deal.

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The Yankees already have four or five nice prospects that can be dealt in exchange for Trout. According to many scouts and experts, this deal makes perfect sense actually. The Yankees may get good value out of Trout who would also spark their revival process.

Why The Deal May Be Beneficial

Both teams may actually benefit from this deal and so will Trout. However, negotiations have not yet happened between the two teams. HNGN reports that Trout is at the forefront of all recent MLB trade rumors.

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Trout has already won the MVP award in the American League and he may be a major target for the Yankees. This is all the more apparent since the Yankees are expecting to sign some really valuable players.

Trout is only 25 years old and some are hinting at him being a vital part of the Yankees’ future plans. Some sources hint that the Yankees have already made a move for Trout and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are yet to respond.

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