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iPhone 8 Rumors: Wireless Charging May Become its Major Feature

The latest iPhone 8 rumors have tantalized fans, enthusiasts and customers online. There are several rumors of the iPhone 8 releasing sometime soon. Additionally, it is being speculated that the new iPhone 8 will come with wireless charging features.

Recent iPhone 8 rumors hint at 2017 being the release time for the model. Additionally, wireless charging support may be built into the 2017 models. The cheapest iPhone models may not be shipped with wireless chargers in the box, though.

These bundles will only be allocated for high-end variants as per iPhone 8 rumors. All of these claims have been made by KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo. The iPhone 8 will also come with a glass back, which is a major attraction indeed.

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As per experts, this glass back will facilitate swift wireless charging with minimal disruption from any frequency interferences. Apple should be very aggressive when it comes to adopting wireless charging as per experts. There should be more emphasis on wireless charging all throughout 2018 at Apple as these rumors seem to suggest.

Other Claims & Rumors

Kuo has previously made such claims and we do not know whether they will all be vindicated. The iPhone 8 rumors about wireless charging have hooked a large section of the online audience. It is being speculated that this feature alone will contrive to make the iPhone 8 a massive success worldwide.

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Kuo has already stated that three models will be expected next year from the iPhone 8 lineup. Two of these models are also expected to replace the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 in the company’s current lineup. There will also be a premium third variant which will be the costliest of the lot. This may get the dual-curved AMOLED touch screen display unit which can be 5.8” in terms of size.

Pegatron is likely to be the supplier for Apple iPhone wireless chargers since Foxconn is majorly focusing on manufacturing AMOLED iPhones smoothly.

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