Ditto In Pokemon GO

Ditto in Pokemon GO: Where to Find it

The Pokemon Company has officially confirmed that Ditto is in Pokemon GO. This news came in with the wave of user reports, videos, and images of them capturing the pink blob in their own games. So how exactly do you capture Ditto in Pokemon GO?

Well by the sounds of things users will never be able to find a Ditto just out and about in the wild. That’s because, true to its nature, Ditto is going around disguised as other Pokemon.

Ditto In Pokemon GO

That’s right, just like in the popular anime, it seems like Ditto is going around transforming as random Pokemon. And the only way for players to claim a Ditto for themselves is to, well, just keep capturing more Pokemon. Currently, there’s no sure way to differentiate a Ditto from a normal Pokemon encounter.

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There are rumors that Ditto is more likely to come out from 2km egg group Pokemon like Spearow and Magikarp but there really isn’t anything certain as of yet. So for now, your best bet is to just capture anything and everything you find. In a way, it’s smart of Niantic to incorporate Ditto this way, as it makes people continually play the game normally and not just hunt down the new Pokemon.

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Anyway, once you’ve captured your own Ditto you can take it to a gym to battle. And how exactly does a Ditto fight? Well, a lot like how it does in the video games — transforming. Just like the original games, Ditto only has one move at the start of every battle: Transform. But using Transform will then make Ditto imitate the opponent it’s facing, including all of their actual attacks.

If you’re interested in getting a Ditto of your own, now would be the best time to do it. Because you need to capture a lot of random Pokemon, going on a hunt for Ditto will also allow you to take advantage of Pokemon GO’s Thanksgiving Event which rewards players double XP and double Stardust until November 30.

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