Black Friday 2016

Black Friday 2016 Sale: Good Bundle Deal Brings Brings 151 Games for $20

This year’s Black Friday 2016 sales are not ending any time soon. Gamers worldwide ought to save because has a lot more to offer.

It appears the gaming service provider has a whopping 151 games to offer players who want a dash of colors in their Thanksgiving. 115 creators have apparently given content to the website to be distributed in prices starting at $2.

A Good Bundle works the same way it did before. Spending a full $20 gives players 151 indie games to play with. Players who loved titles such as Gone Home and Proteus will be delighted to find the titles there.

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The offer lasts only for five days, meaning it will end by the end of the month. Not to mention, players who buy from will be contributing for a good cause. It appears the profits will be split 50-50 between the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood.

What a time to be alive – gaming to help is a good thing. Players can check out the website for the full list of games.

Black Friday 2016: Good Deals Aboard

Games such as Gone Home, Read Only MemoriesRaikThe Novelist and Proteus are some of the more notable games across the roster offered by

Gone Home is a first-person exploration game set in 1995. The player explores a mansion in Portland after the character, Kaitlin, realizes there’s no one home. After her 18-year-old sister Samantha left a note regarding the matter, the player is left to investigate what has happened.

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Read Only Memories is a cyberpunk adventure game. It’s set in a futuristic version of San Francisco in 2064. The player is a journalist who tries to locate his or her friend Hayden Webber. He is an artificial intelligence researcher. The player will explore the area for clues with the help of Hayden’s Relationship Organizational Manager Turing, also the world’s first true AI.

The Novelist talks about the life of novelist Dan Kaplan who takes his family on vacation. He hopes this would not only reconnect them, but also solve his writer’s block. The novelist is pressured on two fronts – at work, where his agent wants him to complete his novel quickly, and at home where his wife Linda wants to fix things.

Raik is an entertaining text-based game that dwells around fantasy tropes. Meanwhile Proteus has the player explore a lush procedural environment with set goals.

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