X Factor 2016

X Factor 2016 Rigged, Staged for Entertainment Value, Says James Hughes

An X Factor 2016 contestant alleged the show sabotaged his bid for a place in the live show.

James Hughes said the show changed his song the same day he was to perform before judge Nicole Scherzinger during Judges House round.

Because of the short notice, Hughes said he was unprepared for his final audition during X Factor 2016 Judges House round held at Scherzinger’s luxury villa at the French Riviera.

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Show Change My Song Piece, Claims James Hughes

“The morning of my audition I had practice with the vocal coach and they changed the key,” the 17-year-old tells Daily Star. “I didn’t have enough time to practice with the right key.”

His lack of preparation showed when he sang Marvin Gaye’s Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.

“Onstage I was totally unprepared and I didn’t know what key I was singing in. I just started singing and it put me off,” Hughes recalls.

He stopped singing after a few lines. However, he recovered and found the right key and finished the song.

Rumors of Show Fixing Against X Factor 2016

Nicole put through Ryan Lawrie, Matt Terry, and Freddy Parker to the live show. “I don’t think it’s time for you yet. But that doesn’t mean you’re not going to get there,” Nicole told Hughes.

Rumors of show fixing continue to hound X Factor 2016. Several days ago, X Factor fans blasted Simon Cowell for saving Honey G who landed on the Bottom Two with Ryan Lawrie.

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After a sing-off between the two, Simon Cowell with co-judges Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh decided to keep Honey G.

One fan tweeted “Tonight’s vote resulted in Honey G being saved by the judges. It’s an absolute disgrace. The show has lost all credibility.”

Another fan’s tweet reads, “Simon keeping Honey G is a FIX desperate for ratings I can only assume.”

Only six acts remain to vie for the top spot in the competition. Honey G joins Emily Middlemas, Sara Alto, Matt Terry, and 5 After Midnight as this year’s finalists.


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