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MLB Mets Rumors: Yoenis Cespedes May Depart with Evan Longoria’s Arrival

MLB Mets Rumors are abuzz about Yoenis Cespedes departing from the Mets soon. These rumors have been sparked more due to anticipation of Evan Longoria’s arrival. The Mets are reportedly looking to buy Longoria.

MLB Mets Rumors point out that Cespedes’ replacement is being considered by the Mets. has reported that the Mets are already coming up with backup plans. They are already readying for Cespedes’ departure.

MLB Mets Rumors point out that several avenues are already being explored by the Mets. Several internal options are also available along with right-handed hitting sluggers. The Mets are now looking to replace Cespedes without further ado.

Longoria will be traded for several players according to sources. The Rays are looking to revamp their farm and offense systems. Longoria is being considered by the Mets already as per reports. Other teams in the fray include the A’s, Dodgers, Cardinals, Angels and Astros.

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Longoria has already gone through a stellar season. He has already accomplished 36 home runs along with stats of .273/.318/.541. Both these stars are offensive players. Now the question is whether Cespedes will really depart.

Why Trading Cespedes Makes Sense

Many feel that trading Cespedes already makes sense for the Mets from a purely financial perspective. Longoria will still earn $94 million over his next six seasons. He also has a $13 million option for the year 2023. This can be purchased out for an added $5 million. In case the Mets wanted to snap up Longoria, $99 million would be the total sum required to be paid.

This would be the guaranteed sum required for a long-term trade deal. Based on other calculations, this sum is already lower than what Cespedes will get on this winter’s contract. Wright is already facing an uncertain future at the Mets. With Cespedes departing, the Mets could well rely on Longoria at third.

Jose Reyes may also evolve into a super utility proposition while the Mets may also consider some smaller signings from free agent markets.

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