Medal of Freedom

Medal of Freedom Awarded to Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Jordan, Tom Hanks, by Obama

The Medal of Freedom is a prestigious honor awarded by the President of the United States. President Obama recently conducted his final Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony. He gave out medals to 21 distinguished individuals.

The Medal of Freedom was given out to several famous people including Bruce Springsteen, Bill and Melinda Gates, Tom Hanks and more. Obama called these 21 individuals path breakers and visionaries. He talked of them as a “really good class” according to Inquisitr.

Even Ellen DeGeneres mentioned of how she had left her identification at home. She posted a picture outside the White House, talking about how she was unable to get in! Barack Obama has given out 114 models so far in this tenure. However, two individuals have often received a single medal so the number of persons may be a little lower.

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Obama’s Medal of Freedom ceremonies usually have 12 medals given out on an average. This final ceremony was his way of ending his tenure on a good note. He has also awarded the medal to more women than before. 41 women have received the medal from Obama till date along with 44 people of color.

The Diverse Recipient List 

The Medal of Freedom has been given this time to Ellen DeGeneres, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Richard Garwin. Architect Frank Gehry and Bill and Melinda Gates have also received medals. Other recipients include Tom Hanks, Maya Lin, Michael Jordan and Robert De Niro. Lorne Michaels, Grace Hopper, Vin Scully and Diana Ross are some other recipients.

Obama even rounded things off by saying that everyone on the list “has touched me in a very powerful” manner. He also stated that they “have helped make me who I am”. Time has reported that Obama was in a great mood, cracking jokes on Jordan being “more than a meme”. He also had a laugh on Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s performance in Airplane.

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