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Manchester United Transfer News- Who is Thiago Maia and Why is ManU Battling Chelsea for him

As per the latest Manchester United transfer news, Thiago Maia is on the radar. Maia is an exciting Brazilian prospect. United are locked in a battle with Chelsea and PSG to land him.

According to the latest Manchester United transfer news, Maia is being closely monitored. Sports Nova reports that Chelsea and ManU are both locked in a battle to land this talented youngster. However, Paris Saint Germain (PSG) may well have the last laugh as per sources.

Manchester United transfer news reveals that the club earmarked Maia last summer itself. However, PSG is also competing to snap up the 20-year-old right now. The midfielder is also being linked to a possible transfer to Chelsea.

Maia’s contract with Santos runs till the year 2019 though the club may find it lucrative to sell him. Additionally, there is a huge pressure on Santos to keep holding onto Maia. PSG are expected to offer something close to £17million for the player in the January transfer window. However, Manchester United has not made any formal offer yet.

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Manchester United continues to track and monitor all developments related to Maia. Even Chelsea is doing the same thing but a formal offer has not come from their side too. Maia has also talked of possibly switching to PSG someday. The head coach at Santos, Dorival Junior, is confident of Maia staying with the club, though.

Will Maia Make A Switch?

Junior has already called Maia “a top player in our country’s football”. However, he remained firm on Maia requiring “a longer period of stability….if he has consistency”. Maia, however, has already stated how he has friends at PSG.

“Marquinhos told me about the structure of the club” according to Maia. Thiago also spoke of how “happy” his friend is at PSG. He also said that though “this does not mean that I will go there”, he would be “very happy” if he did someday.

Maia has helped his national team to an Olympics gold metal and is often likened to ex Real Madrid star, Fernando Redondo. Maia may finally choose PSG and that may mean curtains for Blaise Matuidi.

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