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Kanye West Dead Rumors: Reportedly Dead After Psychotic Breakdown In Hospital

Is Kanye West Dead? Rumors are floating a psychiatric emergency triggering hospitalization. West just experienced a major psychotic break according to sources. The hospitalization took place on Monday after Kanye reportedly broke down.

Kanye West dead rumors arose after the rapper got handcuffed and taken to the UCLA Medical Centre. He was already showing erratic behavioral instincts at Harley Pasternak’s home which were quite alarming. Pasternak is his trainer and his weird behavior led to the 911 call.

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West’s doctor remained anxious about the rapper attacking the cops when they came to hospitalize him. He got admitted after being checked for severe sleep deprivation post which the transportation took place. He also remained handcuffed to his gurney while being transported to the hospital.

Kanye West dead rumors have been percolating ever since this psychotic breakdown. Sources have confirmed that martial issues and problems with Jay Z and Beyonce may have triggered this breakdown. Kim Kardashian flew in to LA to be with her husband from New York.

She canceled her first public appearance in NYC and Kris Jenner reportedly expressed her anger at the rapper ruining this event for them. John Legend even stated that he was anxious about what he saw of Kanye. West had earlier officially cancelled the 22 remaining dates of his Saint Pablo Tour.

Some Other Interesting Details

Kanye is often called a workaholic and can work for 48 hours at a stretch as well. The cancellation of the tour came after he aimed a weird rant at Hillary Clinton, Jay Z, Beyonce and Mark Zuckerberg.

Sources have also stated that the rapper stands to lose a whopping $10 million due to the cancellation of the remaining shows. West did attempt to resist paramedics and hence the handcuffing took place.

West apparently started seeing illusions of a spiritual or physical attack as per many other sources. He kept emphasizing on being killed by someone as per sources. Other sources have also stated that there are “crazy people” surrounding Kanye who do not know how to keep him in check.

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