Kanye West breakdown

Kanye West Breakdown: Is Kim Kardashian Responsible for it

Kim Kardashian’s traumatic Paris robbery experience could have contributed to Kanye West breakdown.

The singer-rapper had his hands full with his fashion lines, the Saint Pablo tour and his family. But after the Paris robbery, Kanye has to deal with the trauma Kim is experiencing.

“Before Paris, there were a lot of things Kanye committed to work wise that he couldn’t cancel. All he wanted to do was stay home with Kim and the kids [3-year-old North and 11-month-old Saint], and he couldn’t,” the source says.

Kim’s Paris Ordeal, Tough Work Schedule Cause Breakdown

“He realized he couldn’t do it all and just broke,” the source tells Entertainment Tonight.

News of Kanye West Breakdown immediately spread Monday. According to law enforcement sources, a physician made a 911 call for a 5150 psychiatric hold of a male with mental illness.

Dr. Michael Farzam identified the male as Jim Jones, 39 years old, 5’8”, 175 lbs. The doctor said his patient suffered from temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration, according to TMZ.

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Based on the police report, the doctor asked them to take Kanye to the UCLA Medical Center. The singer tried to assault a staff member at the gym where he was working out.

At the time, Kim had left home for New York to attend the Angel Ball on Monday night. The event was held to honor her late father Robert Kardashian and his contributions to cancer research.

A source says Kim was excited to go to the event, which she considers as important. She also wanted to be with her family.

Pal Says Kanye Needs Rest To Recover

When news of Kanye West Breakdown broke out, Kim felt terrified. “She was so scared when she heard the news and rushed to his side. There was no question about her staying in NYC. She had to be with him last night,” the source reveals.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Monday, Kim’s mother Kris Jenner admits she thinks Kanye is exhausted.

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Kanye’s close friend John Legend says the singer-rapper has been through a lot lately, especially with Kim’s harrowing experience in Paris.

“I think if he needs to rest, I think his fans will be patient and let him rest. He’ll come back stronger, hopefully,” Legend adds.

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