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Cars 3 Trailer: Dark Teaser Shock Fans

The latest Cars 3 Trailer has absolutely shocked fans of the popular movie franchise. The dark nature of the trailer has reportedly left many fans depressed and even in tears. Disney/Pixar seems to have gone down a darker road with the Cars 3 movie.

The Cars 3 Trailer is making all the headlines right now. Fans are getting stunned by this trailer which shows the favorite Lightning McQueen race car in an accident. The much loved red car is shown skidding on the racing track prior to a huge flip as per the Sun.

The Cars 3 trailer then shows black smoke coming out of the engine along with flying sparks. This seemingly fatal crash encountered by Lightning McQueen has fans extremely worried. Disney/Pixar puts the icing on the cake in the trailer by stating “From this moment, everything will change”.

Some Other Reactions

This 49 second Cars 3 trailer has evoked multiple depressed reactions and outbursts from fans on social media platforms. Some are even cautioning others not to watch the trailer with their children. This would help avoid any questions of death and so on. The trailer has made several people cry while most have been feeling rather low.

There were jokes regarding how the Cars 3 film is being directed by Christopher Nolan in reality! However, there were fans who also talked of how the third installment of the franchise was more mature. It was maybe intended for people who had grown up watching the first two installments.

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Jalopnik reports that the crash sequence may well be a dream or even indicative of a serious injury to Lightning McQueen. Disney/Pixar has always made grim third installments of popular franchises. In this case, Toy Story 3 is definitely an example. There may be a new and rebellious character introduced.

This character could be tutored by the injured Lightning McQueen. However, this is all speculation and we will know more soon!

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