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Pokemon GO: Massive Nerfs in Latest Patch, Ditto May Have Been’Secretly’ Added

A massive December update is looming for Pokemon GO. Fans of the hit game have their speculations ready, but it appears a lot of Pokemon will be nerfed.

Players of the hit game understand the value of collecting strong variations of Pokemon. After all, these are the same Pokemon they either have to trade for candy or evolve into stronger versions. They are essential in ensuring victory over Gyms or securing their place on a strong lineup.

However, vigilant members of the Silph Road appear to notice some drastic changes to some Pokemon. According to the Silph Road subreddit, a lot of Pokemon are experiencing changes. Some of them are getting stronger, while others weaker.

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Fan favorites are getting a massive increase in CP. These are the following:

  • Alakazam
  • Aerodactyl
  • Chansey
  • Charizard
  • Dugtrio
  • Electabuzz
  • Flareon
  • Hitmonchan
  • Hitmonlee
  • Gengar
  • Golem
  • Gyarados
  • Jolteon
  • Machamp
  • Muk
  • Onix
  • Pinsir
  • Primeape
  • Raichu
  • Rapidash
  • Raticate
  • Rhydon
  • Sandslash
  • Seadra
  • Scyther
  • Snorlax
  • Starmie
  • Tentacruel
  • Vaporeon

Interestingly, all variations of the Eevolutions in here so far are getting a power boost. This is good news for fans of the game out there. Meanwhile, others are getting nerfed back. These are the following:

  • Arbok
  • Arcanine
  • Blastoise
  • Clefable
  • Exeggutor
  • Golbat
  • Golduck
  • Hypno
  • Nidoking
  • Nidoqueen
  • Ninetails
  • Persian
  • Pidgeot
  • Poliwrath
  • Seaking
  • Slowbro
  • Venusaur
  • Vileplume
  • Wigglytuff, among others.

It appears both the final evolutions of Squirtle and Bulbasaur will be nerfed back. However, fans are still wondering if Charmander will have an edge, or if they are all equally strong with the update.

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Pokemon GO: Ditto, Gen 2, Legendaries an Inevitability?

Interestingly, the same Silph Road thread is reporting that changes to Charizard adn Dragonite are hard to read for now. However, current research points towards the fact that Dragonites have received a significant combat power boost since the update.

These new nerfs and buffs appear to be in line with the changes Pokemon GO wants to provide players. There are new ways to compete in Gyms as they now have lowered defenses after knocking its protectors.

The special Thanksgiving event will also mark the arrival of massive XP boosts. With this information in mind it may be good to save up Pokemon you want to get evolved basing on the list above.

Meanwhile, Niantic Labs still hasn’t given an answer regarding the arrival of Legendaries and Gen2 Pokemon in the fray.

A new thread in Silph Road also revealed that apparently Ditto is making its way to the game. In fact, others say it’s actually inside the game. Segments in its code reveal that Ditto can be encountered in the wild, and can be used by trainers.

However, there are no reports as to the arrival of Ditto. But it may be a surprise when players finally log in for the Thanksgiving event.

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