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Pokemon GO CP Changes: List of Pokemon With Increased, Decreased CP

Fans and enthusiasts are eagerly looking forward to Pokemon Go CP changes. Niantic has reportedly executed several big changes to the game in recent times. The maximum combat power or CP has been changed for several Pokemon creatures.

Pokemon Go CP figures have reportedly been changed for almost all creatures in the game. Heavy reports that these changes were made on the 21st of November. Niantic has already announced these changes on its website.

Pokemon Go creatures have seen mixed fortunes in terms of CP. Some have got an increase in CP while some have found it reduced. The reason behind this is more of a balancing effect. Chansey is lucky to get a whopping 157% increase in CP while Abra gets 106% more.

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However, Metapod has seen a reduction in CP by 31%. Jigglypuff is another creature which has seen CP reduced by almost 26%. Alakazam is another Pokemon which has benefited from this move. Its CP has been scaled up by a handsome 65%.

Some Other CP Stats 

Even Geodude and Golem have had CP increases to the tune of 46% and 29% respectively. Hitmonchan has a CP increase of 43% while Hitmonlee gets a 68% increase. CP goes up by 51% for Jynx while this is 72% for Kadabra.

Other big gainers include Kingler (52%), Sandshrew (58%) and Krabby (86%) among others. Several other Pokemon have got a minor bump up in CP. Some have lost big including Bellsprout (-20%) and Charmander (-15%). The Nidoran male (-14%) and female (-18%) have also had CPs reduced. Lickitung has a -21% reduction while Kakuna has -24%.

-31% is the reduction for Metapod and this stands at -22% for Squirtle. Wartortle has a reduction of -18% and this stands at -16% for Weepinbell. There are minor reductions in CP for several other Pokemon creatures as well.

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