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Justin Bieber Said to Play for Barcelona; Practices with Messi, Neymar

Why is Justin Bieber training with the Barcelona team? Is the singer ditching his career as a musician for football?

While in Spain, play like the Spanish do. And that’s exactly what Justin Bieber just did. The 22-year old singer just experienced playing with some of the football’s biggest names while on Spain for his European tour.

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Justin Bieber Plays With Barca!

Before his performance at the city’s Palau Sant Jordi arena on Tuesday night, Justin Bieber visited the Barcelona’s training center. He met football giants Neymar Jr., Luis Suarez, and Lionel Messi.

The singer also had the chance to play a game with the Barcelona team. And, surprise surprise! JB is actually quite good at it. According to Daily Mail, he took part in some of the drills while the team prepares for their next match.

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While he definitely showed some skill, the singer is still no match for the duo Neymar and Rafinha.

Justin Bieber European Tour

Justin Bieber has busied himself with his European tour for the Purpose World Tour. His schedule includes countries such as Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica Norway and Italy.

He will be trotting around the globe November 2016 to June next year to promote his new album.

This is the reason why he was spending a good quality time with the team FC Barcelona. The megastar is known to be a football fan and has met and trained with the team before. However, it is noticeable how much he has improved.

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While he might make a really good football athlete, it looks like the singer is sticking with music. Fans everywhere can breathe easy knowing that his one-day football stint is simply for fun. The tour has not been announced to be cancelled nor his career.

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